1. Life Expectancy (LE) Reports

Reliant Life Shares distinguishes itself from competitors and serves its investors by disclosing multiple Life Expectancy reports on each policy we market. All life expectancy estimate reports provided are from third party underwriters who are licensed to provide these calculations. In addition to these third party Life Expectancies Reliant also discloses a Social Security Administration Life Expectancy estimate. These estimates can be found on the Reliant Life Policy Projection page and are available for investor review. These LE reports come from the same third party medical underwriters that large institutions rely on to make their life settlement investment decisions.

In addition to showing LE reports, Reliant goes the extra mile to show investors how different life expectancies can affect investor returns. This information is provided on Reliant Life Shares Policy Projection Illustration and allows an investor to see anticipated returns across a variety of scenarios.

Reliant Life Shares LLC does not favor any one specific Life Expectancy provider. We rely on a variety of LEs which are provided from licensed Life Expectancy providers who have a track record in the Life Settlement industry. Since each life expectancy provider company has their own unique methodology to calculate a Life Expectancy we find it important to use a variety of life expectancies so that we do not end up with a concentration of risk based on one company’s estimates.

In summary, no single life expectancy companies estimate is necessarily better than the others and investors should not rely on any one specific data point when evaluating a policy.

2. We have the most desirable policies available today

We have the most desirable polices available for our investors. A desirable policy could be a large face amount with low annual premiums, or it could be a policy with a very low life expectancy. It could also be a policy that is available at an extremely discounted rate. Whatever the case may be, the bottom line is that the best policies offer the best returns for our investors. If our investors earn healthy returns, they will continue to invest with us year after year. The only way to find the most desirable policies available is to review as many policies as practically possible. That is why we review hundreds of millions of dollars worth of life insurance policies each month.

3. Independent Escrow & Trust

Investor funds are securely held in the Subscription Escrow Account administered by UMB. In accordance with the investor's Purchase Agreement, the Trustee manages the premium and escrow accounts and has sole signatory authority. When the life insurance policy matures, the independent trust established on the investor’s behalf (the Reliant Life Shares Series Trust) is the sole named beneficiary of the death benefit. 100% of all maturity proceeds are paid directly to the investor(s) via the independent trust.

4. When experience and character count

We believe that every investor is simply looking for sound financial advice suited to their individual needs. As you can see, Reliant Life Shares’ goal is to help clients build, manage and preserve financial assets through their unique fractionalized life settlements. We're a company that believes in responsible investment management and always putting our customers first.

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