Step One

The Subscription Escrow Account – UMB Bank, n.a., as the escrow agent, accepts the investor’s funds, which are held in escrow, until the investor selects their desired policy or policies. The flexibility of this account allows investors to withdraw their money any time without a penalty. By placing funds into the Subscription Escrow Account, investors are subscribed on a “first come, first served” basis. The minimum investment is $25,000.

Step Two

Premium Reserve Account – Once the investor selects their policy or policies, the Trustee transfers their funds from the Subscription Escrow Account to secure their purchase and funds the Premium Reserve Account, which is administered by UMB Bank as Trustee.

Step Three

The Trustee records and issues the beneficiary rights to the individual “Subscription Escrow Investors” and in the unlikely case, if there is any availability, offers the remaining shares to the “General Investor” pool.

Step Four

The investor receives a recorded confirmation of their beneficial interest from UMB on their selected policy or policies.

Step Five

The Trustee makes certain that all required premiums are paid from the Premium Reserve Account, which is held and controlled by their bank.

Step Six

Once the policy matures, the Trustee will file the appropriate claim with the highly-rated insurance company. The investor, who owns the beneficial interest in the policy, will receive their proportional, pre-determined share of the policy proceeds.

Step Seven

Disbursement Option – investors can receive all or part of the maturity value as a cash payout, or

Re-Investment Option – investors can re-invest their maturity value by selecting from the current portfolio of policies

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