These videos were taken from Reliant Life Shares' appearance on Moving America Forward, hosted by William Shatner. These videos go over the basic questions most individuals and investors have about the alternative investment known as life settlements.

01. What does Reliant Life Shares Do?

02. What is a life settlement and how does it work?

03. Is it legal to sell a life insurance policy to a 3rd party?

04. What are the advantages of a life settlement?

05. Why would an investor be interested in buying a life settlement?

06. How does Reliant Life Shares purchase life settlements?

07. What about the morality of life settlements?

08. How are life expectancy reports created?

09. How does the length of the life expectancy impact life settlements?

10. How does an American senior benefit from entering into a life settlement?

11. Are life settlements a safe investment?

12. What is the historical rate of return for life settlement investments?

13. How does a life settlement compare to other investments?

14. What is it that most people don't know about life settlements?

Moving America Forward - Award Presentation to Reliant Life Shares