The following letter was sent out in May 2017 to investors who invested in Reliant Life Shares Series Statutory Trust 2012‐2. This investment provided our investors a 6.31% annual return despite taking longer to mature than originally anticipated.

Institutional Profitability Brought to the Individual Investor™

May 26, 2017

Mr Sample Client 123 Beverly Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210

We are pleased to advise you of the recent maturity of a $2,100,000 policy held in your LifeShares™ portfolio. Reliant Life Shares Series Statutory Trust 2012-2 matured and while this policy went beyond the life expectancy estimate and you paid additional premiums, your annual return is still far superior to a many other conservative investment alternatives.

The return calculation which takes into account the date of your purchase is as follows:

Date of Investment : 03/21/2013
Invested Amount : $50,000
Fixed Return : 50%
Gain : $25,000
Premiums Paid after LE : $9,495.98
Premium Reserve Refund : $465.32
Net Return to Investor : $75,465.32
Original Life Expectancy : 42 months (3 yr 6 mo)
Actual Life Expectancy : 63 months (5 yr 3 mo)
Total Return with Refund : 26.84%
Projected Annual Return : 14.20%
Actual Annual Return ‐
Including Premium Refund